Positive Thinking

Break the cycle!!

It can be easy to get pulled into a vicious cycle when your feeling depressed. You feel low, can’t be bothered, poor motivation! You need to go out today to get food shopping but decide to go back to bed instead and don’t do anything that day, then you start to worry about laying around doing nothing. Resulting in you feeling worse, your worried and that makes you feel lower and the cycle starts over again. This cycle can be changed and it’s easier then you may think. By changing your behaviour, your actions it can break the cycle for example: you feel low, poor motivation, you decide to get some fresh air, go for walk to the local shops, you feel better, you feel productive. This also works for doing something you enjoy. It’s common to avoid doing things we like when we feel low in mood. By doing things that make us happy and feel enjoyment from, our mood gradually lifts and again it starts to break the cycle. Now I’m not saying this will happen over night however by slowing changing your reactions to your negative thoughts and low feelings it can make a huge difference. Think about making a plan for the day and working towards that plan not how you feel. If you work towards a plan and not how you feel you will feel better. Make sense? I tried doing this and it became one of main tools for lifting my low mood dramatically. Give it go.

8 thoughts on “Break the cycle!!

  1. Great post and very true. It’s taken me two years to be able to go out when I want and stay in when I want. That’s only happened because of two years of forcing myself to go outside. It started with ten minutes, then longer with a support worker, and over time it’s built up enough so that I have the freedom to chose. Thanks for your post, the opportunity to reflect upon my growth had been well received.

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