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Be in the moment

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โ€œup and downโ€

To say these past few weeks have been โ€œup and downโ€ would be a massive understatement. I have started my CBT sessions which have been both daunting and encouraging. I struggled to sleep the night before my first session due to worrying about how the session would go, overthinking about what I would need to… Continue reading โ€œup and downโ€

Family and Friends · Happy · Love · Positive Thinking

Happy Sunday Morning โญ๏ธ

Each morning when I wake up, I look at the picture of my children on the wall next to my bed, I read my poster "think happy, be happyโ€ and it both reminds me and motivates me to keep going! When I have my morning cuppa, my cup reminds me to smile and I do… Continue reading Happy Sunday Morning โญ๏ธ