My top tips for catching some quality sleep z.Z..z.Z..z.Z..z.Z..z

Too hot then too cold ,  tossing and turning, your mind doing overtime, clock watching, panicking that now you’ve only got so many hours left before you have to get up….

Sound familiar??? I’m certain I am not alone in my fight for sleep!

A good night’s sleep is incredibly important for your health and so I want to share my tips on how to get some quality kip.

Meditation can enhance melatonin levels and assist the brain in achieving a relaxed state where sleep is easily achieved. Some people have a view of meditation being about sitting up crossed legged chanting “aammm” but that’s not true. I simply lay on my bed, find a comfortable position and press play.  I tend to go for guided mediations as they include breathing exercises which I find enhance my relaxed state.

Each night I put a few drops of Lavender oil on my pillow. Its relaxing scent encourages sleep and is commonly used by those who have trouble falling asleep, as it helps promote relaxation.

This ones a biggie and I know its hard to resist the urge, but do not clock watch!Obsessing over the time, will build up anxiety and in turn keep you awake longer.

With changing seasons and unpredictable weather it can be difficult to manage the temperature of your bedroom however I always aim to keep my bedroom as cool as possible. Research suggests that sleeping in a cold room will result in a better night’s sleep. This is because the body’s core temperature actually needs to drop in order to initiate sleep.

Reading is my last tip for helping to calm your mind ready for sleep. I normally treat myself to a lovely warm soothing hot chocolate and settle down with my book. At present i’m really enjoying reading THE UNPREDICTABLE CONSEQUENCES OF LOVE by Jill Mansell.

I wish you all well in your quest for a good nights sleep…..


17 thoughts on “My top tips for catching some quality sleep z.Z..z.Z..z.Z..z.Z..z

  1. I do vinyasa few hours before bed. it’s like a meditation in move. For me ashtanga yoga is the best medicine. Also, incense sticks and candles with calm music are good. 🙂

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