About Me

Hello, my name is heather, welcome to my website “Life-Can-Be-Beautiful”. The idea behind my website is to share my personal experiences, tips and tricks for how to become/remain positive in what can sometimes be a chaotic and difficult life.

For me personally, working full time, looking after my two beautiful children and running a home can be a tough juggling act; especially whilst suffering from depression and anxiety. Every day I aim to put my positive thinking into play, it is not always easy and some days I have to work very hard to keep my negative thoughts at bay. I have learnt simple tricks and tips along the way to keep my positive mind-set and the outcomes are amazing. It’s surprising how even the smallest of things can lift your mood and keep you smiling. From my personal experience even simply giving myself a 5 min break from whatever I am doing when I start to feel overwhelmed by life, just to get some fresh air, to clear my mind and refocus can make a world of difference. Saying to yourself stop now you need a time out. In each and every day there are so many reasons to smile, life really can be beautiful.

“Life changes very quickly, in a vey positive way, if you let it” :-Lindsey Vonn

purple hyacinth in bloom
Photo by Peter Fazekas on Pexels.com