Happy · Love · Positive Thinking


Itโ€™s so truth what they say dogs really do lift your mood.

Leo has been a great distraction for me, waking up and seeing his fluffy tail wagging in excitement to see me fills my heart with love.

Cuddles off Leo instantly make me feel calmer and more relaxed.

He has settled nicely into our home. You can’t help but smile when he comes bouncing over to you.

He’s such a comical little fella…he has us laughing all the time at his little mischievous antics.

Training him, caring for him and loving him has given my life another purpose…I think I take more pictures of the pup than my kids now haha.

He doesn’t quite understand walking outside yet haha he either walks practically on my feet or just lays down.

Once he masters it though, we can go on lots of walks which will be brilliant exercise for both me and Leo.

My kids adore him too…watching the 3 of them playing together and hearing the kids laugher as Leo tickles them with kisses is the highlight of my days.


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