The power of positive thinking …

I previously shared the below blog last June.  I working hard on following the positive thoughts cycle however over the year with different troubles and struggles coming my way I gradually stopped using the thoughts, feelings and actions cycle and completely forgot about it.  Recently I came across the idea again and ever since I've been trying to… Continue reading The power of positive thinking …

Positive Thinking

Switch your thinking ..

Holding on to relationship, the past or anything at all that brings you more sadness and pain than joy or happiness is a bad idea. That being said sometimes it can be extremely difficult to let go and move forward however trust me once you do your life will become happier. It took me a… Continue reading Switch your thinking ..

Positive Thinking

Where did it go ??

Just looking through my phone and found this word vomit poem I wrote few months back. Thought I'd share it. What do you do when you lose your mind, Where did it go? I must of left it behind, Will it return if I stay in my bed, Duvet,pillows, will I find my head, Embracing… Continue reading Where did it go ??

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Mummy-Daughter time 💗

It's a rare occasion when I get the chance to spend one on one time with my children. Normally I have to split my time and attention between two little monkeys! So it's been really lovely to get to spend today with just my baby girl Olivia while her brother Charlie played football with his… Continue reading Mummy-Daughter time 💗

Family and Friends · Happy · Relaxing

My smile has returned 😊

So after my bit of a wobble yesterday, I have found my smile again. I spent the afternoon relaxing with my nana. We decided to have a pamper afternoon with face masks, foot massages, nails etc.... so nice to have this quality time with my nan. It was exactly what we both needed 👌🏻 She's… Continue reading My smile has returned 😊

Positive Thinking

Rotten fruit

If you take a piece of rotten fruit and place it beside perfectly good fruit...what happens? The mold from the rotten fruit spreads over to the good fruit and both end up in bad condition. So what happens when you surround yourself with people who dont build you up? Well....you become just like them... Food… Continue reading Rotten fruit



So after me raving about how well Ive been doing tonight I've had a big wobble! Today, I went to my sisters for a gorgeous dinner, we laughed, chatted and as always had a lovely time. I got home a few hours ago, feeling all positive & good! I turned my bath on, lit my… Continue reading Wobble