Word vomit

A blink in the eyes of existence,

Pounding hearts with zero resistance,

Flash floods of emotion, quick to drown,

Head up high, smile painted on, perfect clown,

Everyone has pain, regrets and more,

You try to talk but all you do is bore,

Like leaves fallen, broken and crushed,

Healing takes time, it can not be rushed,

Stack it up, pain after hurt, on top of sorrow,

Battling visible and invisible ghosts delaying tomorrow,

Scream as loud as you can belt it out,

Pinching bits of light to stall the doubt,

Anger simmers inside, bubbling a constant torment,

Sticky taping together the final torn fragment,

F**k you very much..give your conscience nudge,

Who gave you a wig with the power to judge?

I have a thousand reasons to never stop crying,

But two little beating hearts to keep me trying!

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