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Moving on..#lettinggo

So whilst having a sort out in my house I came across my keep sakes box.

Completely forgetting what was in there, I opened it for a nosy. The first thing I saw was a photo book filled with pictures of me and my ex along with old anniversary cards, love notes and other romantic keep sakes.

I instantly felt a rush of sadness fill my heart!

I gathered up everything to do with my ex partner out the box and put the stuff to one side. I had no idea what to do with them as just binning them felt wrong.

No matter how much pain she put me through and how badly the relationship ended, I still loved her dearly at one point.

Tonight, I’ve decided the best way to get rid of these items that hold so many memories, is to burn them and use this time to properly say goodbye to my ex and goodbye to all the hurt and pain.

It’s madness but watching the fire burn up these memories has made me feel even more at peace and stronger!

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