Depression · Positive Thinking

Only human!

Everyday I work mega hard to better myself, to be the best me possible.

To be an good mother, to be a productive employee in work, to be an caring sister, aunt, daughter, friend, to keep a nice home and keep myself well!

But sometimes it gets too much!

I always thought that I needed to be on top form all the time.

That I needed to try harder and harder to be the best of version of myself all the time!

Now I understand that, that is just unrealistic!!

I’m only human! I can only try my best!

I’m not going be on full form all the time and that is OK!

All that being said, I will not give up!

I’ll have bad days, I’ll let things slip but I will always pick myself back up and carry on.

I have been through so much in my 29 years in this life and one important thing I’ve learnt is to keep going!

I’m growing stronger and stronger by the day!

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