Positive Thinking

Switch your thinking ..

Holding on to relationship, the past or anything at all that brings you more sadness and pain than joy or happiness is a bad idea.

That being said sometimes it can be extremely difficult to let go and move forward however trust me once you do your life will become happier. It took me a long time to master the art of letting go and to be honest I still struggle to a degree with it.

When you realise that holding on is only bringing you suffering the only solution is to let go.

I personally find meditations help me a lot with making peace with the emotions around letting go as it can be overwhelming. Taking a step back and listening to a guided meditation helps me progress my thoughts and gain a clearer vision of my future.

Forgiveness is also a part of letting go, work on forgiving anyone who has ever done you wrong. Holding on to anger only hurts you. I heard a saying recently which really makes sense:-

“Holding onto resentment and anger is like taking poison yourself and expecting the other person to die”

Forgive yourself too for any mistakes or bad choices you may have made. Be kind to yourself, acknowledge that it’s ok to be human and not be perfect.

Free yourself from anything that causes you to feel unhappy, sad, hurt or any other negative emotion.

Life is far too short to spent it tied down to anything that doesn’t bring us happiness.

⭐️ Let go, Forgive, Be free, Be happy ⭐️

20 thoughts on “Switch your thinking ..

  1. Good advice. I was holding anger from a past relationship for too long…and while I may have been justified, I ended up lashing out and ending things far from being on good terms. I wish I had handled it differently, but it did help me move forward. Part of me also wonders if subconsciously I wanted them to be mad at me though because part of me feels that this was the only way I was going to be able to let go. And while I feel badly for how it ended, I am still more peaceful for having let go. I honestly didn’t know how to let go otherwise. It was weird.

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