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Lifted mood 😊

Life is about finding the best in each day and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing this week.

Exercise has been one of my main focuses. I absolutely love swimming so this week I set my self a goal of going at least twice. I pushed my unhealthy body to do at least 1/2 mile each time. The instant benefits are amazing! Stress drifts away along with my worries, leaving me free to enjoy the swim in peace. Tonight, i shared my love of swimming with my kids and took them along to the family fun hour! Splashing around, laughing and giggling, it was such a lovely enjoyable time.

My other focuses this week were to mediate daily, eat healthy, start a new book and to go the gym at least once.

Mediation is a perfect way to relax the mind, to filter out any negative thoughts and be in the moment. I feel that chilled out after meditating, that I always end up having a cheeky nap.

My eating habits are terrible to say the least. I go from eating hardly anything to devouring everything in sight! This week I decided to start having healthy dishes at each meal time. Also I’ve replaced my sugary snacks for fruit. Already I have so much more energy and my skin is looking brighter too! Bonus!

I’m yet to find a new book to start, so any recommendations are welcomed.

After not attending my gym for over 3 months, I graced it with my presence this week. Only managing to do 30 minutes on the bikes but it’s a start! As with swimming, I felt the instant benefits. With the gym though I also felt motivated to get my body back in shape and so I intend to make sure I return to the gym weekly if not daily!

It’s surprising how much of an positive impact doing these simple things daily can have on you. I even made time this week for some pampering, one night I lite my candles, put on a face mask and lay in complete silence for 15 minutes! It was pure bliss!!

For the first time in a long while my mood has lifted, my sadness and heartache has faded away and I am starting to feel like me again. A more positive, happier, calmer me.

It’s definitely been a very good start to the year 😊

7 thoughts on “Lifted mood 😊

  1. Sounds like a great start to the year. It’s so positive to engage in things you find enjoyable, like swimming.
    I struggle with the healthy eating thing, every day I try but don’t always succeed!
    I’ve just downloaded ‘The Self-Care Project’ on kindle

    Or if you like poetry you could take a look at my books on amazon! Cheeky πŸ˜€

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