Happy · Love

Love πŸ’—

True love? Just for fairy tales?

Well Il tell you the heart never fails,

Fluttering butterflies the tickle of love,

A magical spark like the stars above,

All cosy & cute, just simply dreamy,

Passion that bubbles hot & steamy,

Every touch excites, completely melts the soul,

Contented,happy, finally whole,

Stronger it grows, closer each day,

Let this be forever over & over I pray,

Troubles will tumble, there aim to test,

Well bring it on give it the best,

Stumble we might, but that’s okay,

True love you see will find a way,

Holding close, snuggling tight,

Trusting and knowing it’s alright,

This could be magic, sprinkles of fairy dust,

My heart is full and hearts never fail ❀️❀️

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