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Family holiday 2018 ☀️

It’s safe to say the first time of me taking my kids on holiday abroad was a fantastic success! They loved every second of it! The whole 10 days was filled with lots of fun and excitement.

The apartments where we stayed were lovely and the pool area was massive! The kids had endless fun on their inflatables, splashing around and diving into the water.

Each night we ate at a different restaurant, every where we went the food was delicious. I’ve not braved the scales yet but from the amount of food I consumed whilst away i’ve probably gained a lot of weight haha well worth it though!

The beaches were breathtaking and the sea was beautifully clear so clear that you could see the fishes swimming around.

We visit the local waterpark, it was incredible watching how brave the kids were trying out all the different slides and attractions.

I loved every part of our time away together spending quality time as a family. I have come home feeling de-stressed, calm, revitalised and ready to take on the world again.

8 thoughts on “Family holiday 2018 ☀️

  1. Wow lovely! Can relate to what u r saying… in today’s world, it’s very important to take a break from the normal busy routine n unwind! Important to make time to connect with the kids n charge ourselves too😃❤️

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  2. Looks beautiful and so much fun! Reminds me of my family holiday in Majorca. I’m not usually one for a beach holiday, but I enjoyed it so much. Me and my friends are planning one for next year! Thanks for sharing

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