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Little Challenge Big Impact


You don’t realise how many negative thoughts run through your mind each day. Here’s a little challenge that I have used to train myself to flip the script.

Each time a negative thought drifts into my mind, I think of 3 positive thoughts to counteract it.

Takes a bit of time to master this! It makes you more aware of your thinking patterns and helps you put it right πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

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4 thoughts on “Little Challenge Big Impact

  1. I enjoy flipping the script with positive thoughts or scenarios when I remember to do it. But had not thought of creating three thoughts. It can be like a game. Maybe I’ll even write them out. Thanks for the encouraging suggestion and the follow!

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  2. Very good advice although it must take some practice. I try to think of 3 positives when I wake first thing in a morning to set the day off on the right footing. Like you say it’s all about the positive thoughts.

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